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Sissy Tumblr Blogs Flourish!

One of the best places online to find a bit of online kink has been tumblr. Tumblr is home to many blogs that dedicate themselves to sexual and erotic play. You can find different types of sexual preferences and fetishes all over tumblr to look around and explore with. Tumblr itself is in a bit of an odd place. Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo years ago and now yahoo themselves are being purchased by Verizon. My best guess is that the state of sissy tumblr blogs may not be the brightest. Tumblr themselves make it difficult to find sexually related sites by removing the ability to search from certain erotic keywords. But truth be told, tumblr has survived.

If you are interested in checking out a few sissy related tumblr sites, our blog does have a few suggestions on sites that you may enjoy. Feel free to take a look, and after while we are sure you will find the sissy tumblr sites that will become your favorite places online. Some sites have great communities, some great content, but overall you won’t be able to go wrong checking out these erotically charged sissy tumblr sites.

Sissy Tumblr Site 1: Sissy Cummy Captions:

“Come on boys, let’s head over to the VIP area for some fun. Your throat and boi pussy are gonna be so fucking sore in the morning.” This happens to be just one of the captioned images that greet you when you arrive at the sissy tumblr site Sissy Cummy Captions.

No secret at all about the content of this sissy tumblr site. Sissy Cummy Captions is a very popular site that specializes in showcasing very arousing sissy captions added to imagery meant to arouse and titillate your sissy clitties. If a sissy tumblr site has captions such as “I’ll let small dicked bois eat my ass but that’s about it. And they are on their own when it comes to getting their little clittles off, that’s for sure”.

This site has a lot of different captions submitted by sissy bois all over the world. Quite a number of captions are focused on handjobs and small dick humiliation. There are some great shots here of sissies performing in wonderfully erotic maid outfits as well, yum! A lot of what makes sissy tumblr sites unique is on full display here.

The site appears to have begun just 5 months ago and has made quite a mark on the sissy world in just a short amount of time. Some of the images on this sissy tumblr site are animated gifs. There are some video as well but the majority of images are static with captions to help arouse sissy bois all over.

This site is uploaded daily and can be a sissy lover’s paradise. If you are into becoming a sissy cocksucker than this site has imagery that will definitely entice you along that path. You may find this site even more enjoyable playing Lady Surrender’s sissy training files while you are browsing this sissy tumblr site. These images do much to arouse and entice but Lady Surrender’s hypnosis is also very powerful and a wonderful compliment to the many sissy tumblr sites you will find online.

Sissy Tumblr Site 2: Sissy of Spades.

Sissy of Spades is our second sissy tumblr site we are previewing. This site is run by ISABELLA SKETZ, a sissy from New York City. This site seems to be another caption site but when you have captions quoting sayings such as:

“Repeat after me. I am not attracted to women. I want to be a woman. I am no longer a man. I want to have sex with men.” Then you do know you may be in a good sissy place. This site seems to live by the motto of helping men become sissy sex toys for real men. Many captions involved sissies on their knees sucking cock for their Dominant male or female superior. With over 700 pages of content, you will find enough images and captions here to really help ease your sissy longings.

Do understand, the sissy content here on this sissy tumblr site does tend to focus a lot on cock, and specifically the BBC fetish. There are many sissies who enjoy the idea of sucking and worshipping cocks much bigger than their own. It does much to enhance the helpless sissy feelings when sucking and licking cocks for your owner. There are many cock images here but as mentioned, the imagery here really helps to emphasize how much better you will feel once you become an object, a sex toy for your mistress. Many Sissy tumblr sites have captions but the ones on this site seem a cut above the rest. So if you are looking for another sissy tublr site to try Sissy of Spades may be a good fit for you.

Sissy Tumblr Sites and Ownership

Do remember as wonderful and erotic as these sites are, there’s really no greater feeling than being used as a toy for the benefit of your owner. Lady Surrender has made a wide variety of sensuous and erotic sissy raining files right here on sissy surrender. Her erotic hypnosis style immerses you to really feel that you are becoming the sissy that you want to be. It’s nice to masturbate to a sissy sucking cock. It’s much, much kinker to have someone mentally guide and tease your sissy feelings until you helplessly are licking cock at her command. The sense of control and joy you feel when you are pleasing your Mistress with your sissy tongue is indescribable. Unlike static pictures, hypnosis can truly accelerate the sissy changes you wish to feel. Have you always felt sissy tumblr sites would be the answer to you growing sissy arousal? Sissy tumblr sites are great for beginning sissies and those who wish to learn more about what is the appeal of becoming a sissy.

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