Free Foundation File

“Surrender” – The Foundation File

This free erotic trance serves as a foundation file that I have created to have you surrender and be erotically mindless for me. Leaving you ready to accept all my programming, with a simple trigger. Your mind will become primed to receive my exquisite trance.

As you surrender and fall deep into my voice, into my entrancement… you feel that delicious feeling of mindlessness…

This session programs my blissful Surrender trigger into your submissive surrendered mind. I will be recording a number of Surrender files using this trigger. Once you are trained by this entrancing foundation file, the next step will be to choose from these recordings, picking whichever fetish or fantasy you like.

Blissful, long induction that seduces your mind as I weave silken, seductive whispers through it; Erotic Whispers ASMR; 10 – 1 countdown; Embedding of the Surrender trigger; L&R + layered tracks

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