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Welcome, my sissy girl. This is where your journey begins…

The essential First Steps – 3 Files:

  • Surrender : The Foundation File (FREE)
    This is a free hypnosis that I have created to have you surrender and be erotically hypnotised & mindless for me. Leaving you ready to accept all my programming, with a simple hypnotic trigger. Your mind will become primed to receive my exquisite hypnosis.
  • Deepening Hypnosis
    This file conditions your subconscious mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files, or in Live One-on-One Hypnosis sessions. It deepens trance, deepens your desire to accept My suggestions, and deepens your desire for submission.
  • Surrender : Mindless
    My subconscious conditioning file, essential to all those wishing to train under Me. Relax and allow My whispers to sink themselves deeply into your mind. All thoughts you may have will disappear before My powerful seductive tongue. Your mind will slowly begin to melt into My will.

Core Training Files

Sissy Beginners Level 

Sissy Intermediate Level

Sissy Advanced Level

Custom Recordings & Live Sessions

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