Lady Surrender,
so far my journey has taken me to total addiction to listening to your voice, I just can’t seem to get enough, and have a constant craving for you to control me more and more.
I have always had a fetish for trance, but in the past have not been easily able to achieve deep trance, mainly because I have a bit of an analytical mind.
but listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness and Addicted to Trance has changed that for me. I can now just drift away and let you take me wherever you want, such blissful feelings.
Bought Deepening Entrancement mp3 the other day and after listening to it 4 times have not remembered any of it apart from the very start and the end of it, a first for me, and leaves me with such blissful feelings that I just need more of your control.
I wonder where my journey will take me as well, maybe you have a better idea than I do?

mike from NZ


I recently came across this wonderful Kiwi. First I bought one, then two, then my third , fourth and fifth mp3. Her soft, silky and exotic voice had me instantly captivated. She was able to trance me into the deepest levels I have ever experienced. Next step was to book a Skype session. Can’t wait for this afternoon!
Professional trained
Different modes of induction
Beautiful voice
Insanely talented



When combining trance that blows many others (from my experience) away and conversation and understanding that goes above and beyond what could be expected Mistress Surrender is an amazing person.

Mistress Surrender and I have exchanged messages for a while now and there have been some issues I’ve had with trance, some issues I’ve had with my private life and some issues I’ve had where I’ve just withdrawn. None of this seems to be a problem for m’Lady.

Her kindness, combined with a wicked streak and a love for all things kink are the reason so many are hooked on Her every words. Long may she continue.



i have listened to many erotic trance files from many dommes over the years and Mistress Surrender captured my mind like no other previously! i found myself going to my knees while in trance, saying out loud “i surrender my mind to Mistress Surrender, i surrender my body to Mistress Surrender, i surrender my heart to Mistress Surrender!” over and over again until the session ended…something i had never done before! Needless to say, i have surrendered!



I only discovered Lady Surrender a few months ago but she has already filled me with a lifetime of memories. Her voice is silken, beguiling and captivating and she has a unique approach to trance which had me willingly hooked even before I was really aware of it, which I find truly delicious.

Every time I listen to one of her mp3s I go deeper and deeper with a rapidity that is almost disappointing as I drop deep into trance well before I innocently expected.

I had the privilege of having a live session recently which was absolutely fantastic although I only recall
a few precious moments, I had unexpected results as I feel much stronger and more confident both in my fetishes abut also in my day to day activities.

Every day I strengthen my submission while remaining focused on the essential aspects of life.

Thank You Lady Surrender!

sissy monique

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  1. I could tell from the first time I listened to these files that Lady Surrender had a professional hypnosis background. Believe me, I have listened to them all, I mean EVERYONE that is out there, and she is by far the best. I am addicted to her voice, her commands, and I am now permanently messed up. I made the mistake of listening to “addicted to cock”, and I never had the slightest inclination toward that before, but now I can’t control myself. I don’t just imagine or dream that I want a cock, it is now a craving that I can’t get out of my mind. I don’t know how I will control these lustful desires.

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