Lady Surrender’s Sissy Hypnosis Is Here To Seduce!

Sissy Hypnosis Can Turn You Into The Sissy You Desire

Welcome to featuring the work of Lady Surrender and Her enticing style of Sissy Hypnosis. Hypnosis by and large has been around for hundreds of years. Erotic hypnosis is a more recent phenomenon that involves using hypnosis in a way to entice and dominant a willing participant’s mind and/or sex. The effects are temporary but can be very pleasurable and addicting. The mind continues to be our most powerful sex organ and erotic hypnosis is a way to access your eroticism directly. Sissy hypnosis is a relief for all your secret sissy desires. Using a combination of erotic hypnosis and feminization brainwashing techniques, sissy hypnosis has now become a powerful resource for turning men into their most feminine selves. Should you be new to this engaging sissy experience, you may be wondering what the excitement is all about? What does it mean to really experience sissy hypnosis? Consider sissy hypnosis as a way to link your lust for feminine delights with your growing craving to submit. Sissy hypnosis is for men in particular who choose to be consensually hypnotized to help them in achieve their submissive and feminine desires.

Lady Surrender’s Sissy Hypnosis Files

If you have journeyed here searching for sissy hypnosis, then you have found the perfect site to explore your needs. Sissy Surrender has a variety of sissy hypnosis files that are geared toward different sissy themes. You will be able to listening to files that focus on specific feminine clothing, such a Sissy Training, Bra and Panties. There are files that are focused on sissy training dealing with anal and breasts play. Another file, Addicted To Cock, will appeal to sissies who feel most comfortable on their knees with a nice big cock in their mouth.

The sissy hypnosis files available all feature erotic hypnosis form Lady Surrender. Lady Surrender is a former therapist who has had extensive training in hypnosis techniques. She enjoys using her sissy hypnosis and erotic training to dominant and teaches sissy bois to surrender to Her will and Her voice. Lady Surrender’s hypnosis is power and based on real hypnosis techniques. This is to ensure that your sissy hypnosis sessions will be the most fulfilling session you can have. Lady Surrender will have you aroused and ready to play with your clitty at her beck and call. But make no mistake; you will love every minute of your time with Her sissy hypnosis files.

What Does Sissy Hypnosis Training Entail? What Does It Mean To Be A Sissy?

To understand some of the sissy hypnosis training here, do understand that feminization is not new to the world, but has been around for quite some time. In today’s society, the internet has opened the door for us to communicate with like-minded persons and has helped bring the world together. It is because of this global market Lady Surrender is able to open Her store for you. The sissy hypnosis here has been refined over the years due to new techniques in not only hypnosis but in society as well.

You can be trained in understanding that those who relish in sissy activities are not the stereotypical male. Either straight or gay, there is no pre-requisite for being able to enjoy the sissy hypnosis experience. What it simply is, is a man who enjoys the feeling of feminine clothing. When a sissy is able to be around items that bring out his sissy desires, his sissy heart is awakened and satisfied. Sissy hypnosis training has the ability to create a totally enjoyable sissy experience that can be recreated time and again with the sissy hypnosis training files.

Another sissy hypnosis sub-fetish is when sissy is allowed to dress up in baby-doll clothes. Allowing him to suck on a big throbbing cock while doing so can be an ultimate thrill to a sissy.

Sissy Hypnosis & the Benefits

It’s difficult to say truly what the origins are of sissy hypnosis. Sissy hypnosis files have been available in some form since the internet first began. In fact, the beginning of the sissy hypnosis could be rooted within the origins of erotic hypnosis itself. I have spoken to many different sissys over the years who have very different reasons why sissy life has appealed to them. One common theme I have found is that sissies felt free once they were able to express their love for the feminine. In quite a number of people fulfilling their sissy desires became a goal that sissy hypnosis helped make into reality. There are so many avenues in getting one’s sissy addiction satisfied. Audio hypnosis material and MP3’s are available, but nothing beats proper sissy hypnosis training from a properly trained Mistress.

Sissy hypnosis training under Lady Surrender will involve listening to very expertly made and addictive audio files.. In this material, you will find sissy audio, laced with seductive whispering and suggestive texts. There will be no doubt that you will have found what you are looking for when training under Lady Surrender’s sissy hypnosis. You will find yourself drawn in by Her hypnotic attraction and learn how to obey and be the best sissy subby for Her.

When watching sissy hypnosis videos online, don’t be fooled by the videos training files you see all throughout tumblr and the internet. There are many great files out there but you do really need to be careful who you allow inside your mind. As a sissy, I am sure you wish to enjoy your time with someone kinky yet safe? This describes Lady Surrender to a T. She will push your sissy submissive buttons, but she will never cross the line with Her subs. She is extremely dominant yet caring. Her files and sissy hypnosis will be able to bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

Where to Start My Sissy Hypnosis Training?

Your sissy hypnosis training begins with the sissy surrender start page: From here you can look through the latest selection of sissy training files and go through them in order to enchance your sissy experience.