Sissy Hypno That You Crave! Become Mindless with Lady Surrender.

The Appeal of Sissy Hypno

Sissy Hypno has been around for years. If you have not heard of it, it’s probably because those around you have kept it hidden. Many people can be ashamed of their sissy fetishes. This leads to a lot of secret sissies, that find their kicks through the internet. Which then leads them to sissy surrender. Let me explain how Lady Surrender will help you through this transition of secret sissy, to having a domme of your own controlling your sissy desires and fantasies.


Reboot Sissy Hypno File
Sissy Hypno You Crave

What does Lady Surrender do to help? She leads you through the steps with Her soothing, loving voice. All the steps of revealing yourself and finding your inner sissy that you desire to be. There are lots of addictions that roll into sissy hypno. Are you wondering if you fall into the category somewhere? Or maybe you are wondering if you may be a secret sissy? She can help you discover that through Her sissy hypno as well. The benefit of sissy hypno is being able to experience deep trance live either via phone or mp3. Lady Surrender offers an array of different sissy hypno training files that will allow you to experience what hypnosis is about safely within the comfort of your home.


Lady Surrender has an uncanny grasp of a sissy’s mind. She is able to get into your innermost thoughts and feelings with just words, and then sensually enclose her will on you. It just so happens she also gets quite a thrill stroking the sissy desires of those helpless to her spell. Lady Surrender has been doing hypnosis for quite a long time and her style is both soothing and savagely erotic. She can be having a normal conversation with you over a live session, and then all of the sudden you find yourself on the floor with your bra and stockings on and a big sum spot running down your legs. With Lasy Surrender and her enticing style of sissy hypno, this is not unusual in the least.

Will Her Sissy Hypno Give You The Experience You Crave?

I want to go over what some of the things that fall into the sissy fetish. Things that you may have had a hand in. Let’s jump into a scenario that may or may not resonate with you. Maybe as something you have experienced or maybe as something that someone has shared with you.You can be lead here to sissy surrender for many different reasons but one thing is for sure if it’s sissy hypno you have found the right site.

Clitty that is under Sissy Hypno
Sissy Hypno Clitty



Think back to your last sexual fantasy. Who were you with? Who did you dream about? Maybe a long ago sexual partner, whom normally you have great chemistry with. But you dream about things being a bit different. This time you just can’t seem to get into it. In your mind, you may be seeing her dominating you, but it is not just the two of you. Another man has joined you. This man is also here to please you, but you are both at the mercy of your lover. She demands you to serve her, demands you to love her. She’s seen you sniffing her panties at night, and now she is going to have her sweet, sensual revenge. Stroking your new lover while wearing the panties you could not stop sniffing. you end up stroking to this mental imagery… all of which can be provided by Lady Surrender’s sissy hypno files. In this fantasy, you have a great finish. The best orgasm of your life. Now everytime you think of sex, you think of that other man that you wish was present. You think of the panties you want to feel while giving to Her demands. Sex may not in itself be enough for you now. You yearn to try something more. You have found it.



Further Examination into the Sissy Hypno Fetish

Your fetish can mean other things as well. Through Lady Surrender’s sissy hypno She can help you discover that as well. Maybe you sit at your desk at work, quietly typing away, but imagining that today, you wore lace panties, and slowly, while no one is looking, you begin to play with the edges of your lace panties. Then you think of Lady Surrender and a certain trigger word. Now you play with your fingers slowly around the edges, teasing yourself. Loving the feeling of the lace on your skin. Then you imagine that maybe on your way home you can stop to pick up a matching bra. Just to feel how it feels to have it on. You just want to know.

Sissy Hypno at it's finest.
My Sissy Hypno Will Ensnare You

Through all these thoughts your hands have slowly found your hard cock in those sexy lace panties you still have on. You are getting harder and harder under your desk and suddenly you start to think about your boss. About how he could bend you over the desk and peel those lace panties off and take you. Suddenly you have to leave work, it is all too much to handle, you are going to burst just thinking about it. You run to the bathroom to finish and are left dripping in your lace panties, the lace wet and soft between your fingers. Playing with that lace gets you almost ready to go again already.


Sissy Hypno Panties and Clothing
Little clothing.


All this started from just a trigger file from one of Lady Surrender’s mp3’s. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you be intensely in tune with sexual sissy inside. Maybe you can resonate with these stories if so, you have come to the right place. There are several sissy hypno training media that can help you to get through this transition. We have sissy hypno panties training and a bra training. If you desire you wear your bra and panties that you got so long ago, that have been hiding in your drawer because you did not know what to do with them, listen to Lady Surrender’s sissy hypno and she can help you now. She can help you to be brave and pleasure yourself, at Her pleasure.

Sissy Hypno Training

Through sissy hypno, She will be giving you the chance to more fully understand yourself and your desires, but don’t let that fool you. She will be in control. She will be your domme and you will do as She says when She says it. Because you crave it. Are you ready?