Surrender: Mindless

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Devious Mistress – takes you shopping for some pretty slutty feminine clothes…. what could I possibly plan for you? mmm… taking you to the FEMALE changing room, locking you into your chastity device…dressing you in a sexy slutty sissy maid outfit.


Experience the Power of my seductive Whispers!

I have been called by many names. Goddess. Dominant. Siren.

After this erotic session, you will begin to realize why. Relax and allow My whispers to sink themselves deeply into your mind. All thoughts you may have will disappear before My powerful seductive tongue. Your mind will slowly begin to melt into My will. As My words consume your resistance, your thoughts will be left behind until there is nothing. Until you are nothing. Blank. Empty. Powerless. Mindless. A true zombie infected by the power of My whispers. Will you be next?


This erotic contains the following suggestions:

  • Mindless obedience
  • Blankness
  • Amnesia / Thought erasure
  • Whisper effects
  • Mental looping
  • Subconscious conditioning
  • Mental reprogramming
  • Addiction to Lady Surrender’s voice
  • Gender neutral: Suitable for male & femme subjects
  • No Induction: This is a loop!
  • Prior listening to my FREE foundation file “Surrender” is recommended

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE foundation file “Surrender”. This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all my enticing suggestions.

2 reviews for Surrender: Mindless

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



    I understand now why you thought I already had this recording. After listening to this one, there would have been no way I could not have said the “I live to serve you”. Mindless does so much so quickly. It brings together the triggers from your inductions and overwhelms the listener with joy as she feels herself being taken by you and being swept off her feet with love and control. I felt nothing but warmth from your voice as you made love to my brain, coercing what I hope was the last of my resistance away. I know now. I love your voice in my head taking control as it should. I belong to you my Goddess. I live to serve you and wish to only make you happy. Please command me any way you need and I will try and fulfill your every wish.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lady Surrender,

    I think for the first time I know what it feels like to be “within” Your whispers… i’m not sure how else to describe… the session it… felt like waves of pleasure that collected inside my mind like a bubble that You popped over and over again with Your voice… just the whispers felt like mini orgasms over and over… I don’t even remember the words… I feel a bit flustered that I don’t actually recall anything that happened during the trance, lol. I don’t think it was amnesia You just… it was too pleasurable to think about the actual words… I just felt mindless. not empty mindless, more like being free and mindless… everything disappeared before Your voice… sadness… pain…. disappeared to Your voice….

    I loved this file and have to cut this short so I will just have to listen to this again… and again… perhaps again after that… love this session so much wow I know what you meant by how mindless this file can make You…

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