Sissy Orgasm Training – LIVE Session

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Experience an intense & LIVE sissy orgasm hypnosis session with Lady Surrender and enjoy delicious addictive training that will let your sissy body experience intensive feminine orgasms.


Let your sissy dreams come true!

My new found sissy slut… you were meant to be a woman.
Real men thrust and penetrate – you are not a real man.
You are a sissy and a sissy has a feminine orgasm…
delicious sexy waves of bliss… cumming and cumming the way a real woman cums.

In this Live Hypnosis session I will take you into a deep hypnotic trance. I programme your subconscious mind to have a feminine orgasm.

That’s right – I install a new programme in your slutty mind. Then I bring you up from hypnotic trance, strengthen the hypnotic triggers that I have implanted and… instruct your subconscious mind to give you a sissy orgasm!

And… you have the most sexy feminine orgasm… wave after wave of cumming… just the way you were destined to cum… as a woman.

And of course – as you cum, you crave cock to fill that sissy mouth and sissy pussy of yours.

What could be more fulfilling for a sissy slut like you!

Such delicious addictive training for you, My sweet slut. Training your sissy body to cum the way a woman cums… so that when a real man f*cks your pussy with his man cock – you will cum the way a real woman cums.

3 reviews for Sissy Orgasm Training – LIVE Session

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    slave e

    Dear Goddess:

    I am still getting trembles every few minutes from our session which ended about 30 minutes ago. Today marks a “most memorable” day in my life.

    I not only walked into Your web of seduction and caring control/domination — I ran into Your web as fast as I could. My only regret that I did not do this years ago. You, my Goddess, have changed my life!

    I admit (maybe you should punish me for this *:”> blushing) whilst I have been listening to your audios with great enthusiasm, I had my doubts on the female orgasm live session in terms of would it really happen, and what the intensity would be. I guess You could say I was a positive sceptic who wanted, in the worst way, for it to be true.


    I will write more about this experience. Right now, however — I am going to bed, I am deliciously exhausted from obeying Your commands!!

    Your deeply addicted and grateful slave!!

    slave e

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lady Surrender,
    what a wonderful private session I had today. First of all you took me deeper than I’ve ever been before. There is no doubt that a personal session leads to the best possible effects and even though I’ve had the privilege of having had a few sessions with you before I find you improve time after time like a wonderful vintage wine.Your words went straight to all my pleasure receptors and at one point I felt totally deconnected from all my body sensations and just floated without a care in the world.
    Then you woke me up to ask me what I remembered and I thought oh dear what just happened? My only desire was to pursue the wonderful feminine orgasm I was experiencing and I didn’t really care much about anything else.
    Then you brought me back down and gave me all my memory back and I thought Wow! How did you do that?! But I’m glad you did because you allowed me to experience so many deliciously naughty slutty feelings and actions that you knew I was craving for.
    I’m tempted to guard you as a secret but as serving you is so wonderful I’m pleased to share and promote you to others.The more success you gather the happier I am.
    your monique

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lady Surrender–
    It’s amazing how in the waves of feminine pleasure rolling across my body that a craving for cock entered my sissy mind. You led me down, down, down into a safe place for my sissy self to be receptive to Your suggestions. Perhaps You probed and observed for a time, and then You began to trigger my arousal to Your delight.
    Tingling arose across my breasts and between my thighs. It spread down my stomach and down my legs. My breath grew shorter and shorter. My temples buzzed with an erotic, sissy desire and my clitty raged. I’m not sure how long before You triggered the first feminine orgasm, but when You did, the tingling turned electric. Dear goodness, You were unrelenting, and I’m grateful You allowed me such pleasure. It reached such a blissful crescendo that my innate sissy cock craving wanted to be fucked by a cock in my sissy pussy. My lips longed for one to slide down my throats and I could wrap my tongue around the shaft.
    I suppose it should only be natural that at the height of a feminine orgasm that a sissy would long for a real cock to fill her. Especially since she doesn’t have a real cock herself.
    – ashley

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