Morning Mantra of Submission


Drop into deep, mindless erotic trance and listen to My soft, seductive whispers. Surrender your mind and body to your Goddess and feel how you become more and more submissive… craving more and more of My erotic hypnosis… it will feel so good to serve and please Me…


Surrender your Mind & Body to your Goddess

Look deeply into My eyes…
Breathe in the Mantra I have given you.
Craving… longing to surrender.

Longing to kneel and surrender your mind and body to the enchanting Lady Surrender.
I know how much you long to feel My exquisite control, as you surrender your mind & body to your Goddess.

I know how much your mind is consumed with desire for more and more addictive trance. As My voice and My whispers become embedded within you… you feel erotically mindless… deeply submissive.

Inevitable… irresistible… submission to your Goddess.

This recording leaves you feeling submissive and eager to devote yourself to serving Lady Surrender.


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