Entranced – Amnesia (Video Version)


Video Candle Hypnosis – In this hypnotic session, Lady Surrender will have complete control over your mind and your memories. Listen to this file. Wake up incredibly aroused. But remember nothing.


Gaze into the flame, My sweet, as My whispers seduce your mind…

Entranced Amnesia - Erotic Hypnosis Video

For thousands of years mystics have gazed into a flickering candle flame and fallen into meditative trance… slipping away from the conscious world… entering the mysterious worlds that exist beyond the conscious mind…

Feel the world slipping away… as the candle flame mesmerizes… My words seduce your mind into blankness.

Blankness… mindlessness… thought erasure… amnesia.

So aroused as My words blanket your mind with silence.
Aroused and so forgetful.
So obedient and submissive for your Goddess.

Blank… forget… forgetfulness…
Remembering to forget… forgetting to remember.

I have created this recording with a very special desire in My mind… to have your mind melt into that deliciously blank state of… amnesia…
Brainwashing you… as I blanket your mind with My silence.
When you wake up, feeling so very… very aroused.
Unable to remember anything that has occurred during this hypnotic session today. Lost in space and time as I take control of your mind and body… mmm… controlling your memory.

This erotic MP4 hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Relaxing Video Hypnosis with soft flickering candles (see sample screenshot above)
  • Amnesia
  • Mindless Obedience
  • Blankness
  • Thought erasure
  • Mental looping
  • Subconscious conditioning
  • Arousal programming
  • Countdown 10 to 1
  • ASMR Erotic Whispers
  • L & R tracks
  • 32:27 Minutes, 629 MB

No Induction – As this is a Loop recording, you will need to listen to the FREE Foundation file “Surrender – Foundation File“. If you have difficulty in experiencing trance, I recommend you use My deep hypnotic trance file: “Deepening Hypnosis“. This file will train your mind to deeply absorb My hypnotic programming and can be used to deepen your trance and longing for submission.


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