Seven Reasons Lady Surrender’s Sissy Training Files Will Work On You

Sissy Training Files That Will Feminize You!

Welcome to Many of you will arrive here seeking sissy training files. Do not worry, you have come to the right place! Lady Surrender has created this wonderful space as a way to train sissy bois like us using erotic hypnosis. Her sissy training files are audio sessions that cover a wide range of sissy topics from applying makeup to full on feminization files. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, feminization is a term used to describe gaining or obtaining feminine features. Feminization can be achieved by cross-dressing into your favorite feminine attire, applying makeup, etc. On the outside, you can buy the clothes you need to get a sense of femininity. There are surgeries you can have performed that will do wonders to help your body look feminine on the outside.

Now that the body has been taken care of, it’s time to train your mind. That is the reason this site exists. While it can be somewhat easy to purchase the clothing you need to be a sissy on the outside, what about mentally? Do you feel like the best sissy you can be on the inside? Do you long to mentally feel what it’s like to rub your chest and feel your fingers tracing down your double d size breasts? Do you mentally want to imagine your clitty becoming so sensitive, so sensitive that you can have a female orgasm on the spot? You’ve come for sissy training files, and soon you will be helpless to Her. Are you ready to be turned into Lady Surrender’s brainwashed sissy boi fuck toy? It takes a lot for one to achieve a full sissification. This is the goal of sissysurrender. Read below to find out more about sissysurrender’s sissy training files.

Reasons Our Sissy Training Files Will Mindfuck You

Are you a sissy? Do you know what type of a sissy you are? Are you looking forward to becoming a great sissy? Well, check out the reasons why you need to undergo sissy training here at

  1. Guided sissy training sessions

Hypnosis sissification training comes in highly advanced hypnotic strategies giving subjects amazing results. The courses involve subjecting the mind into a deep trance. During this time, the subconscious mind is implanted with habits and gestures leading into an automatic feminine expression. One file to start is the Morning Mantra File to prepare your mind for other files such as Addicted to Cock

  1. Improved self-esteem

Hypnotic sissification training sessions help you improve your self-esteem. Through deep entrancement, you easily come out and start embracing the sissy slut hiding inside you. The guided sessions help you to free up the chains and prepare your mind to embrace your new role confidently. Lady’s Surrender’s hypnosis is perfect for sissy training files and stellar in helping to prepare your mind to be a sissy sex slave for Mistress.

  1. Draining away blocks

Lady Surrender’s sissy training files are erotically stimulating and very powerful hypnosis files at their core. These hypnosis audio files will help melt away any mental blocks you make have with surrendering to your sissy self. The sissy training includes various types of sessions supporting full 24/7 sissy or those who wish to only be a sissy at times. Hypnotic feminization sessions are wonderfully tailored to help overcome worry and fears. By subjecting your mind in a deep trance, you gradually become mentally focused and easier to accept changes. Sissy training files help with draining off any physical, mental and social blocks. Challenges that are associated with sissy acceptance and enjoyment come from within the mind. Hypnosis Feminization training subjects the brain into a deep trance guided by Lady Surrender’s voice. Repeated listenings can lead to profound changes. See for yourself within the testimonials section and read how others have enjoyed Lady Surrender’s training:

  1. Helps you understand the type of a sissy you are

One of the primary objectives of Lady Surrender’s sissy training is to assist subjects in understanding the kind of a sissy they are. You may end up starting out with files from Lady Surrender’s store. There are a variety of sissy training sessions available in the store so you can choose themes that appeal to your sissy senses. The sissy training sessions you choose will help you get a feel for the type of sissy you wish to be.  Afterward, it is not uncommon to contact Lady Surrender to speak more one on one about your experiences. Lady Surrender is very hands on with Her training and can provide a live session specifically tailored to your needs.

  1. Perfect your sissification process

Hypnotic sissy training has proven to be an effective way of helping sissies to achieve their goals. Whether you are a cross dresser, transgender or a trans-sexuality, the meditation sessions will guide you into becoming the girl or the sexy woman you wish to be. Through advanced hypnotic strategies, the sessions are tailored to meet your sissy needs. Subjection to Lady Surrender’s hypnotic induction will slowly by slowly help you get there.

  1. Different training methods to meet your needs

With hypnosis sissy training, you get to enjoy Lady Surrender’s professional approach to brainwashing you into her sissy submissive plaything. Each session is professionally tailored to give an effective transformational change within your psyche. You will begin to crave sissy items even stronger than ever thanks to Her sissy hypnosis.

  1. Personalized sessions

Sissy training can be started from audio files but that is not the only type of training available. Live one on one session through Skype are also available to help really connect you with your sissy self. Unlike prerecorded audio, live sissy hypnosis training can really be tailor to affect your specific sissy needs.


With the wide assortment of training files available here at, we are confident you will make the best choice for your sissy clitty. To be dominated, seduced, and brainwashed into becoming Lady Surrender’s stable of sissy bois!! When you are ready to dive head first into the sissy training . Lady Surrender will be waiting for you sissy!