How to contact Me?

  • Contact Lady Surender at: mistress.commands (at) yahoo.com

Email only. I don’t accept YM IM chat requests.

Occasionally, I receive questions regarding how the erotic trance process works or other issues surrounding My sessions. Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


Custom MP3 Recordings

I have received many requests for Custom MP3 and now have a large collection of MP3’s available for sale. You can view them here in my shop >>

I already record erotic trance scripts for private sessions, and am happy to talk about your requirements for an individually designed recording…. for your ears alone. Check out My Custom Recording page here on the web site, and Contact Me for specific details and costs.

Erotic Trance Scripts

As a result of designing Erotic Trance Scripts for each Live Session I hold, I am increasingly being asked to write Erotic Trance scripts.

Contact me for specific details and costs.

Live One-on-One Trance Sessions

  • What is the fee for your service?

I usually charge 200USD for a session which lasts 60 minutes approximately. We can discuss payment methods when we speak during your assessment interview. Whether it is mental domination or on-line BDSM, I always hold an assessment interview.

  • When are sessions available?

Sessions are available NZ days Friday to Monday inclusive from 1pm onwards.

Please note: Days and times are New Zealand time/days. New Zealand is at least 11 hours ahead of England, USA and Europe. Please check a world clock for exact time differences.

  • How is a Live Session held?

Live sessions are held via Skype Voice. Please note: You may turn your web cam on for the session. However, I don’t appear on web cam.

Assessment Interview

An assessment interview is an opportunity to answer questions, and to assess the factors I need to include in the erotic trance session. It is also an opportunity to spend time, gaining a sense of who I am, and how I work with trance and as a Domme. The assessment interview lasts between 20-30 mins. The cost of the assessment interview is included within the Live Session fee. Once you have paid the session fee, I will arrange a time for the assessment interview.

If you have not purchased a Live Session and wish to talk to Me, then a part charge of $50 for the assessment interview is payable. This part charge is then deducted from the full cost of the Live Session, once you proceed with a Live Session. During the interview, I will let you know how many sessions it will take to accomplish your goal.

For erotic trance, during the interview, I will let you know how many sessions it will take to accomplish your goal.