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Erotic Trance – Sissy & Latex Fetish – Journal 4

The following journal records the correspondence between Myself and subject “c”, (now named joanne) who dreams of being feminised by a strong woman. Subject c has been listening to My mp3 recordings.

Recently- subject “c” has experienced an episode of purging all feminine clothing, and all things associated with feminisation. My trance recordings were not deleted. My brainwashing file – “Morning Mantra of Blankness” is the essential file to listen to, as preparation for embedding feminisation or sissy trances. The Morning Mantra of Blankness removes the socialisation and behaviour of being a “male” and leaves a blank slate ready for My Darkly Addictive sessions.

Follow that with My “Deepening Entrancement” mp3 which conditions the mind to accept the suggestions contained in the file, and programmes the subconscious mind to enter trance.

Recently, joanne had her very first Live One-on-One trance session, in which I programmed her to experience feminine orgasms….. as well as using trigger phrases to increase submission, and to strengthen her fetish attachments.

Feminine Orgasm Level 1 removes the socialisation of being male and of thinking about sex in a “male” belief pattern. This is an essential step to … Feminine Orgasm Level 2 … which contains the Feminine Orgasm trance… which has you experiencing a feminine orgasm the way a biological woman would experience a feminine orgasm.

Wanting to feel what joanne feels? Purchase Morning Mantra of Blankness, Feminine Orgasm Level 1 & 2, and Deepening Entrancement mp3s… listen… and become Entranced… become Mine.

Binding you Closer to Me.


My lovely Lady Surrender,

Thank you so much for the live session. I’ve thought of little else since. It was all so delicious, so very, very special. I still can’t find the words.

Your “Deepening Entrancement” recording has so much more meaning now. Listening to that and then “Feminine Orgasm 1″, then returning to “Deepening Entrancement”, then “Feminine Orgasm 2″. I let myself dress in satin and lace. I am yours. Delicious is the word. You are so right.

You are truly a lovely, special Lady. What a privilege it was to speak with you, surrender to you, accepting every word. There was no let down. I’ve been in a daze, a entrancing, arousing spell. Your spell.

I only hope I can have another session.

Your girl joanne

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