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Erotic Trance: Fetish for Cock/Anal Play, Latex – Journal 3

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a trance fetish… I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….

Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….

Want to feel what monique experienced… that craving …that sexy craving for cock? I recommend the Highly recommended recording – “Addicted to Cock”……

Listen and fall into My Voice and into My addictive control….

Enticement….. Entrancement….. Entrapment…Enslavement….

How delicious…that a subject wants to abandon themselves to My trances….


Random things
I just wanted to reassure you that I am still as eager to follow your training as always. Before leaving for my long cruise I placed all the MP3s on my iPhone and enjoyed listening to them most days. Although the basic files help me to go deeper and deeper I must admit to being completely subjugated by the addicted to cock 1 and 2 and being anally obsessed wanting to assume the position. My inner slut and sissy self is taking over.
Unfortunately the other day my iphone fell into the river and I killed it.
Although I was able to replace it, my files are at home and I’m on my way to Akaroa bound for LA and then flying home.
Result, I will have to wait 3 weeks to listen again. The wait will be worth it though.
Hope you are well.
Respectfully, Monique.


I love reading which files have really pulled you in…to My world of Darkly Addictive Trances….
The Addicted to Cock file won an Honourable Mention in:

It’s a very popular blog & I am delighted that the mp3 attracted attention and votes.
I look forward to hearing how your sissy training is progressing…. and to posting another journal from you on My web site…..

Lady Surrender.




I now understand why your subjects are so obsessed with your training. Since I ‘discovered’ you I’ve become somewhat obsessed myself.

Initially I intended to obtain some files as a base and grounding to your programming and indeed I enjoy these each time I listen.

On a whim (or was it really??) I purchaed the Addicted to Cock file and followed it with the second and then the two Addicted to Anal. I love them all.

Your programming is subtle, persuasive, logical and commanding and I would be tempted to say that you are programming me into a slutty sissy if I hadn’t realized that that is what I have been all along.

It’s liberating to grow into myself and embrace my obsession with cock and anal play and your trigger phrases play in my head at often unexpected moments in my everyday activities.
I’m certainly attracted to bulges and crotches and find myself fantasising about being on my knees and then assuming the position and giving pleasure.

It’s logical, as you often say, that I am not a man but a Slutty Sissy for having these delicious thoughts and I wish my situation in life would allow me to enact these obsessions with greater freedom.

At least, in the interim, you are constantly there, with your smooth, soft but commanding, dominating, voice to program me further.

The other day I was lucky enough to purchase Training for Master, Addicted to Strap on and Addicted to She-Male Cock and have added these delectable files to my repertoire and they remain with me for instant lecture when the possibility arises.

Thank You Mistress for your training and programming and if you have any words or instructions to add I would be happy to receive them.

Respectfully and with devotion,




I wonder how it felt- losing your phone and not being able to hear My programming of that sissy mind of yours….

I do look forward to an extended Live Session with you and taking My time to thoroughly embed the delicious sissification behaviour & thoughts into that sissy mind of yours.
Although…. reading your recent journal…I suspect you are well on your way to being an obedient sissy. As you said – if only your life would allow you to enact your obsessions with…bulges… cocks…anal play.

Of the mp3s you bought- I would have to say that My favourite is “Sissy Training 25 : Mistress’s Strap-on”. It is such an intimate recording- based on exactly how I train My personal slaves….

For your future training?…hmm I wonder what new exciting recordings will be coming up…. what delciousness awaits you in Live Sessions with Me….

Darkly Addictive Trances…Leading to your Surrender.

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