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Erotic Trance: Feminization using MP3s – Journal 5

The following journal records the correspondence between Myself and subject “c”, who dreams of being feminised by a strong woman. Subject c has been listening to My mp3 recordings.

Recently- subject “c” has experienced an episode of purging all feminine clothing, and all things associated with feminisation. My trance recordings were not deleted. My brainwashing file – “Morning Mantra of Blankness” is the essential file to listen to, as preparation for embedding feminisation or sissy trances. The Morning Mantra of Blankness removes the socialisation and behaviour of being a “male” and leaves a blank slate ready for My Darkly Addictive trances.

Binding you Closer to Me.


I know that privacy is an issue for you.
If you are able to arrange some privacy to speak with Me, I would be happy to speak with you either in the IR chat room (private room) or on skype. My schedule is not easy to pin down…smiles… I am sure W/we can figure something out.

I want to encourage you in your journey, and to offer suggestions that will assist you in embedding the trance recordings. One of the tools that will assist you in accepting and embedding the suggestions, will be a Deepening file. I will be releasing a Deepening file shortly.

Binding you closer to Me.

Lady Surrender.



Lady Surrender,

I am considering your suggestion very strongly. It is complicated, to be sure.

I would very much appreciate your encouragement and suggestions. Would a customized mantra and deepening recording be an option I should consider? One for an emotional suggestive? The cost is not an issue. I do seek being bound to you.

I will try to determine a way to make a one-on-one session work. It is too exciting to imagine.

Your Joanne



Lady Surrender,

I woke in the middle of the night to your message. You are too kind to me. You are truly a very special woman. I am touched beyond words. My hesitation is not about money, but about whether I can arrange the time. I want to, and have wanted to for a very long time now. Thank you.

I know that you are quite busy and that your time is very precious. Thank you for the time you offer. Thank you for the time you’ve given simply to read my messages and respond. You are so very generous.

Your Joanne



see what you are able to arrange.
Loyalty amongst subjects should be rewarded.
I have had significant family issues for some months now….. and have had to step away from work from time to time. It’s likely these circumstances will continue for some time.

If I disappear, I trust you will understand why. I did have a message about this on My web site, and removed it recently.

Lady Surrender.


I have been preparing your msg to post on My web site….
I noticed that you had purchased another file of Mine…. sensualmistress send a notice of each title that is purchased. Have you listened to it yet?

I also read one of your messages again…
the Addicted to Strap-on Play is a bdsm based recording. No sissyness…. no femme, no humiliation.
I have just released “Sissy training 25 : Mistress’s strap-on” which is the sissy training file.
I am assuming it is the sissy anal play that is the stumbling block?….

I am enjoying reading of your progress…as always.

Darkly Addictive Trances…. Binding you closer to Me.



Lady Surrender,

Yes, I purchased the Morning Mantra Falling In Love With Her. It’s wonderful.

At first, just the idea of being a sissy was difficult for me to hear and accept, but your session helped me over come that. The topic that led to the purge was being overwhelmed by a desire for cock and cum. It was too much for me. My erotic thoughts had always been about women, not men. As I have rebooted my training, I’ve had my first erotic fantasies about cock. It’s quite unbelievable to me. It can only be by your exquisite trances that this is happening. My appetite has always been far ahead of my mind’s ability to accept and enjoy it. I simply love your voice and your sessions so much, I’m afraid I’ve just desired whatever you created. I know now that I need to be mindful of my internal progress. I need to give myself time to accept these lessons.

It has been said so many times, by so many of your followers, you are an incredible domme. Your voice, impossible to resist. Your training, my addiction.

I love you so,

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