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Erotic Trance: Feminization using MP3s – Journal 4

The following journal records the correspondence between Myself and subject “c”, who dreams of being feminised by a strong woman. Subject c has been listening to My mp3 recordings.

Recently- subject “c” has experienced an episode of purging all feminine clothing, and all things associated with feminisation. My trance recordings were not deleted. My brainwashing file – “Morning Mantra of Blankness” is the essential file to listen to, as preparation for embedding feminisation or sissy trances. The Morning Mantra of Blankness removes the socialisation and behaviour of being a “male” and leaves a blank slate ready for My darkly addictive trances.

Binding you Closer to Me.


Lady Surrender,

Thank you for your encouraging words.

I am moving slowly and carefully back into Your voice and Your control. I have promised myself that I will not binge either. I am allowing your sessions to guide me and directly me. You are in control this time. I always listen to the Blank Mind mantra first before listening to any other session.

I think I just started listening to too many sessions at once. I also listened to sessions that I was not ready to accept. Too much, much too fast, without giving my mind and my emotions the chance to really accept these changes. As anxious as I am to keep up with all the sessions and lessons you teach, I need to make sure that I am secure in each step before moving on to the next.

I am bound to You.

Your joanne



My reply:


Which titles are you listening to at the moment?

Which mp3s have you struggled with in the past?

I am so pleased you always listen to the brainwashing file first, as this enables the trances to embed at a deeper level.

Lady Surrender.



Mar 27
Lady Surrender,

I am currently listening to “Feminisation: Release Your Feminine Self” and “Delete Hetero/Install Sissy Sex”. I intended to move on to “Sissy Training: Panties” after I’ve completed these. Using an audio editing software, I have placed a copy of “Morning Mantra of Blankness” in front of each of these recordings so that I cannot listen to one without the other.

I also have the following:
Addicted to Cock 1
Addicted to Makeup
Addicted to Trance
Cum Eating Fetish 1 & 2
Feminine Breasts
Feminine Orgasm 1 & 2
Morning Mantra of Submission
Morning Mantra of Temptation
Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice
My Sex Slave
Sissy Training: Bra
Stocking Fetish
Surrender 101

The titles I struggled with were “Addicted to Cock 1″ and “Cum Eating Fetish 1 and 2″, While tempted to purchase the Anal Play Series and “Addicted to Strap On”, given my difficulties with the others, I became overwhelmed.

Thank you for your kind words. I want to make sure that these lessons are completely accepted deep in my mind before moving on.

Your joanne



Lady Surrender,

I can feel some tension building from listening to “Delete Hetero/Install Sissy Sex”. It is not overwhelming, I can feel myself accepting much of it and resisting some. I return to “Feminisation: Release Your Feminine Self” for reassurance. I am also using “Morning Mantra Addicted to Her Voice” in the morning.

My fantasy life revolved around being seduced by older women as a young man. Neighbors, teachers, and the mother’s of my childhood friends. This morning I woke having had an erotic dream of a childhood friend and his father. It was a very pleasant feeling. I can sense your training building inside me.

Your joanne

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