About Me

My Background

I have worked as a psychotherapist for a number of years, with a particular interest in the areas of gender identity and sexuality, relationships and intimacy. I use a number of therapeutic approaches in My practice, including NLP, Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy. I am particularly interested in the potential of using Rescripting/Reframing/Rewiring/ trances to change a person’s behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

I am a Lifestyle Domme with extensive experience in the bdsm lifestyle. I understand the complexities of D/s interactions and understand the longing of submissives to submit. As a Lifestyle Domme, I have collared a slave. I love training and moulding a submissive to be exactly the way I want… and through the power of Erotic Trance, training a submissive is such a delicious process…. captured, trained, addicted to Lady Surrender.

Take your time and explore the site…read the journals subjects have written of their experiences with My sessions…whether through Live sessions or through mp3 recordings.

For Myself – I believe the mental aspect of bdsm is at the apex of D/s interactions…with mental domination is the most skilled and effective way in which to train a subject.

I do love training a subject…toying with a subject…. conditioning mind and body….

Mind Control… Fetish Play… Memory Implanting… Amnesia…
Feminisation… Orgasm Control… Age Play… Financial Control… Humiliation…
Mind and Body… delicious Addictive Control.

I know you have you been searching for a long time for the Domme who understands you and can fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasies. I am that Domme, skilled in offering programmes of intense mental conditioning and individually crafted Erotic Trance sessions that are custom tailored to capture you, elicit your surrender, and enslave you.

Professionally trained, I offer erotic trance that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic trace sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant brainwashing.

What better use of My psychotherapy training and knowledge, than to use it to train submissives’ minds and bodies! Such delicious conditioning is contained in all of my erotic hypnosis sessions. Click here to view the full collection

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